Latin Mass Helper


Let’s face it…

The traditional Catholic world has been slow to adopt and make use of the many features the internet has to offer. Yes, the internet can be a very dangerous place, but it would be a shame to neglect the many opportunities that it brings to help build the Kingdom of God on earth.

Whether we like it or not, all generations from this point onward will be using some sort of computer to find and share information. Why ignore such a clear opportunity to help souls grow closer to God through the Latin Mass?

The Traditional Latin Mass is one of the many areas of Catholicism that has been “late to the game” when it comes to digitalization. Information is so scattered and disorganized across the internet that it’s hard to know where to go and what sources are trustworthy.

Latin Mass Helper exists to help change that. By bringing Traditional Latin Mass resources to a wider audience through a modern, accessible, and organized website, we hope to provide a trustworthy source of information for all things about the Latin Mass, and helper usher in many future waves of newcomers.