Latin Mass Helper

Latin Mass Readings (Propers)

Above is a calendar application that displays the readings for the Traditional (Tridentine) Latin Mass for the current liturgical year.

Unless otherwise noted, all translations are from the 1962 Roman Missal and are shown in both English and Latin. The liturgical season, classification, and color for each Mass are also displayed at the top.

By default, the app shows the readings for the closest Mass to the current date. To view the readings for the day of your choice, simply select the desired date using the calendar button. Additionally, the left and right arrow buttons can be used to skip forward and backward a weekday or Sunday.

I sincerely hope this helps you! If you have any ideas for improvements or notice any inconsistencies in the data, please reach out to me:

Looking to embed this application on your parish website? Send me an email (above), and I’ll gladly help you get it set up!

If you’re new to the Latin Mass, welcome! There certainly many differences compared to the Novus Ordo/Ordinary Form, but don’t let them intimidate you. Here are some great resources that answer many of the questions that newcomers might have.